Mr. Phillips, Sr. illustrated life in the Baltimore community, telling stories about people of celebrity and the joys and tribulations of the working class. His work includes tens of thousands of images, documenting the history of Baltimore, as well as the nation at-large. In his prodigious collection, photographed over three decades, Mr. Phillips has captured American history, culture, entertainment, sports, government and politics, shot from the perspective of the African- American community. His photographs celebrate the richness and diversity of the African-American community, while capturing the traditions and mores of the time. The Ihenryphotoproject focuses on identifying unknown people and places in Mr. Phillips work. Preserving history and making it available for educational purposes. We aim to bride the gap between the elders in our community and the youth, by involving students in the Identification Process. The official website for the Ihenryphotoproject is planned to launch late 2017 along with a book that tells the story of Baltimore and its journey.